Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ARRES Solar Myrtle Beach offer a warranty?

We have a warranty on all the equipment and work we do. Our solar roof panels include a 25-year warranty, and every installation is backed by our own workmanship warranty.

What maintenance will I have with a solar installation?

The nice thing about solar is there are no moving parts. Because of that, it requires no maintenance. It’s essentially like the electrical lines running outside your home; they do their thing, but don’t need maintenance.

Will solar roof panels damage my roof?

This hardly ever happens, but people will ask, “what if it damages my roof or causes a leak?” Again, this is very uncommon, but the nice thing is we have a warranty on the roof and areas we put the solar. So, if somehow something got damaged, we would fix it.

Will I have to replace my roof to get solar?

Your roof gets damaged due to sun mainly. Once you have solar, it will shade the part of roof it’s over, and that roof no longer needs replacement or maintenance, so that’s nice. At the time of the site inspection, we can determine if a new roof is needed. If it is, we bundle the solar and the roof together and you get 55% off through tax credits on the entire project!

What if I move?

If you have to sell your home with a solar installation, the new owner can come in and as they qualify for the home loan, qualify for their solar loan. There are even options to wrap it into the mortgage. Or you can pay it off, and raise the asking price of the home. Whatever you do is seen as an improvement.

There have been tons of studies on home values and solar. The most notable is the Berkeley study. Homes sell 33% quicker with solar, and they sell for a premium. They say they increase the value of the home by the retail price of the system!

Can my business qualify for solar rebates?

Yes! In addition to federal tax credits, Santee Cooper offers a Solar Share Program specifically designed for businesses. The Solar Business Program provides rebates to eligible non-residential customers for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for electric generation at their businesses. The Solar Share Program provides rebates to businesses who subscribe to the Santee Cooper sponsored community share solar farm. Ask us for more details about these programs.

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