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Why Choose an ARRES Solar Installation

      • Outstanding rebates for South Carolina residents. South Carolina offers the largest state tax credit for solar installations in the nation (25%). When you combine this with federal tax credits and Santee Cooper’s additional rebate, solar is very affordable!
      • Experienced, trained & certified installers. Your solar installation will never be put out to bid to subcontractors. We only use our own trained and experienced installers who have performed over 2,100 residential and commercial installations statewide.
      • Fully licensed & insured. Unlike other solar energy companies, we have complete liability and worker’s compensation coverage. There is no risk in doing business with ARRES Solar.
      • Top-grade materials. We chose to only offer the highest quality products available, including the best American-made solar modules and inverters, backed by 25-year warranties.

We’re a Santee Cooper Trade Ally

Santee Cooper introduced South Carolina utility customers to renewable electricity in 2001. A Santee Cooper Trade Ally is an approved industry representative, equipment distributor, vendor, contractor and installer working collaboratively with Santee Cooper customers interested in installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their homes and businesses. ARRES Solar Myrtle Beach is currently recognized as a Top 5 Santee Cooper Trade Ally due to our large volume of solar installations.

Solar Energy: The Smart Way to Power Your Home

Learn more about how you can harness solar power to create clean, renewable, reliable energy for your home or business. Let ARRES Solar Myrtle Beach show you how. Call us today at (843) 236-1444 or submit our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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Financial Benefits
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Thousands of South Carolina Homeowners Can't be Wrong!

Interested in solar but not quite sure where to start? ARRES Solar Myrtle Beach has an experienced site assessment team that will answer your questions and evaluate your residence or commercial property to determine if it is solar-ready.

55,000 South Carolina Homes with Solar Power
(year end 2017)
55% Combined Tax Credits
South Carolina offers the highest tax credit in the U.S.
25 Year Warranty
The longest warranty available in the industry!

NOW is the time to go Solar!

With a solar panel system installed by ARRES Solar Myrtle Beach, you can save thousands of dollars each year, dramatically reducing your electricity bills and locking in low electricity rates.  With rates increasing on average 3% annually, investing in a solar modular system protects you from rising rates, producing years of efficient energy for your home or office. Solar is one of the best choices for your bottom line. Act now while you can still take advantage of substantial tax credits and rebates — they won’t last long!

Santee Cooper is currently offering a $7,200 rebate on the purchase of a solar installation! This rebate is available only a few more weeks.
Zero Down
No money needed upfront, in the middle or at the end. ARRES will guarantee your payment will be less than you pay now!
30% Federal Tax Incentive
This is the last year to take advantage of this federal tax incentive. After 2019, the incentive for installing a solar energy system will decrease.
25% State Tax Credit
South Carolina is one of only nine states to offer a solar tax credit, and currently has the highest credit available in the country!
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Latest News

Our trusted advisors maintain the highest level of certification within the Solar industry. You can count on us to
provide you with exactly the information you need to make well-informed decisions. Here are some recent articles.

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  • May 23, 2019
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Poor attic insulation leads to all sorts of problems in your home, not the least of which is poor energy efficiency. This can be traced to a number of reasons: perhaps, you’ve used the wrong type of insulation, or the material your contractor has chosen is not good quality. Your insulation could be old and …

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  • May 16, 2019
Comparing Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Solar Energy Systems

A solar energy installation can be grid-tied or off-grid. Most residential systems use grid-tied solar power. This system uses solar as either a primary or auxiliary source depending on how much sun your home gets in a season. During times when sunlight is unreliable (nighttime and cloudy days), the system can draw power from the …

Is Your Home Solar Compatible
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  • May 09, 2019
Is Your Home Solar Compatible?

In the last two decades, renewable energy produced by solar-powered sources has greatly increased. While global rates are still just a little above 1%, solar companies foresee promising growth in the future as more and more homeowners are seeing the merits of this cleaner and more sustainable energy source.

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